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進行自我提升嗎 ?

進行15 分鐘






  • Who should consider this program ?
    ◼️ Salespeople, managers and department heads who would like to enhance their charisma and interpersonal skills ◼️ Business owners to polish their professional image and networking skills for social status advancement ◼️ Those new to metropolitan cities who need to understand international social etiquette and business norms ◼️ Ladies who are looking for personal growth and more active engagement in social life by enhancing their personal image and confidence.
  • Why is one on one program even better than group class for me ?
    ◼️ You get supportive and motivational advice : Our etiquette trainer will follow your case from 1st consultation, workshops to monthly power coaching hours, which you may ask questions on any etiquette topics and get personal advice. ◼️ Choose from an array of topics : You may choose different packages and workshops that best suit your personal needs, e.g., Experiential package, Elegant socialites’ package and Executives package, and also add on other topics to create your own package. ◼️ Save time and cost : Time is money. You may start anytime, and choose class schedule and coaching appointments that match your itinerary. We offer monthly installment for Executives’ package ( 3 months ) to ease your worry and budget concern.
  • What kinds of workshops can I choose ?
    Here are some of our most popular workshops : ◼️ Business & Social Etiquette in 21st century ◼️ Strategic networking & socialization ◼️ Basic postures & deportment ◼️ Confidence & photogenic in front of camera ◼️ Western table manners & banquet etiquette ◼️ Foundation of wine appreciation ◼️ Personal image & fashion styling
  • How much time are needed ?
    The topics and amount of time needed for you is decided after a 15 minutes consultation conducted by our professional etiquette trainer with you over phone or virtual meeting. One on one program typically ranges from 3 to 10 hours long, including workshops and power coaching hours. Classes may take place at our appointed venues, e.g., conference rooms, restaurants, private clubs, or at your own office and private space.
  • This sounds great, but is this going to be expensive ?
    We have a broad range of clientele starting from fresh graduates to director grade executives. We offer experiential package for those who would like to start with basic etiquette skills, to comprehensive 3 months package with flexible payment options. Contact us today to know the best options for you.
  • Sounds perfect, how do I start my one on one etiquette program ?
    If you are interested in our personal etiquette coaching, we offer a complimentary 15 minutes consultation via phone or zoom format. All you need to do is to tell us more about yourself by completing the online pre-coaching form here. Our etiquette consultant will contact you shortly to arrange an appointment between you and etiquette trainer to explore how we can help you to be your best self.


進行15 分鐘


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